The Moon in Her Eyes: A Witch’s Tale by Nikki Broadwell – Review by Angela Hayes

The Moon in Her Eyes: a witch's taleThe Moon in Her Eyes: a witch’s tale by Nikki Broadwell
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The Moon in Her Eyes: A Witch’s Tale by Nikki Broadwell is a wonderful paranormal mystery, with romance, fantasy, magic, time travel, drama, and adventure.
This is a standalone story, but not the first book with Emeline, the main character. Emeline is a time travelling witch who started her adventures in “A Witch in Time Saves Nine”, when she transports back in time, only to discover that she really has no control over when she travels, or where she ends up. This becomes quite a terrifying ordeal for her- but she figures she must be there for a reason, but any small changes she makes seems to have a flow on effect on the future, throwing everything out of whack. This story sees Emeline searching for the answers to putting things right, but the craziness seems to have no end. With things seeming to spiral out of control, Emeline is being blamed for all the terrible things that are happening. There is a lot at stake, including matters of the heart, and Emeline will need to work it all out and discover a way to set things right, before it’s too late.
I love how Ms. Broadwell’s stories are always so original- infusing each one with her unique style and ‘feel’. I also enjoy how her stories include American Indian people, culture, and/or mythology as part of her storylines- for example here in Emeline’s stories we meet the Wampanoag people. I find this to be very creative and imaginative- and I also love how the magic and time travel was woven into the story. Ms. Broadwell creates vivid, fully realised, and believable world/s (times) in which she set her story. This plot switches back and forth from in time(s), as the whole story plays out. But, these transitions are quite smooth and seamless. Ms. Broadwell also includes some political and social issues which gives this story some added interest.
The whole story has an “Outlander” x “Sliding Doors” feel to it, but with it’s own unique identity.
An enjoyable and engaging read.

Thank you, Ms. Broadwell!


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