A Tangy Christmas Kiss by Allyson R. Abbott – Review by Emily Walsh

A Tangy Christmas KissA Tangy Christmas Kiss
ByAllyson R. Abbott
My Rating: 4 of 5 stars

A Tangy Christmas Kiss by Allyson R. Abbott is the second book in the Christmas Kiss series, it was just as whimsical, sweet, cheesy hallmarkly, as the first.

Not my first read by this author or this series, I read A prickly Christmas Kiss last year, so it’s only fitting I keep going with this fun holiday series. Now before I get to into this review, I have to tell you that though this is a series, so far they read as standalones. So no worries about spoilers or reading out of order.

Okay, here’s the tea, I wasn’t as drawn into this one as I was with the first. Though I still very much enjoyed this fun tale of lost in translation, I wasn’t too keen on how much time was spent on Mel getting to her destination. Not only that, her first impression, for me, wasn’t the greatest. I know what it’s like to travel, long, tiring and plain old crazy. I didn’t like the bratty way she was acting, especially with the barista (don’t be sassy with people that’s preparing your food/drink, unless you like spit.. then go for it..), or her overall tone for the first 30% of the book. I do get it, overtired, irritated and lost, been there done that to many times to count. What I’m saying is that maybe, starting the book before we get to the strung out Mel, probably would have made me more sympathetic towards her situation. (Cause when it got into it, I got it, her mom pulled a pickish move, but I think that should have been first, like a flashback before the whole barista thing).

But even though this had a rocky start, the more I read on the more I got pulled into the story. It turned into a fun, crazy sweet tale, and the ending was every bit of that Christmas magical, cheesiness, you know and love. Mel’s character did grow on me, she turned out to be a pretty solid character and managed to carry the last half of the book.

Overall this book is a nice addition to any Christmas book collection. The plot was fun and unique. The writing was rich with detail and lush with engaging dialogue, even if Mel couldn’t understand what was being said half the time. That added barrier brings a nice layer complexity that really rounds out an otherwise predictable storyline. Those layers don’t stop there, because as Mel becomes more and more involved with her surroundings, things start to get interesting, because who needs one hot guy, when there can be.. two.

I hope you give this adventure a chance, so please take my high recommendation and my stamp of approval that, this book will have you wanting to book your own trip, on the off chance you’ll find love.

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