Climbing The Walls (Hart & Cole Book 1) by Sacha T. Y. Fortune – Review by Susan Mowdy

Climbing The Walls (Hart & Cole Book 1)Climbing The Walls by Sacha T. Y. Fortuné
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Climbing The Walls is one of those books I wouldn’t suggest starting if you have things that you need to do because it will LITERALLY consume you. There is no such thing as stopping at the end of a chapter and you’ll pick it up later. I promise you’ll keep on reading through! This book had everything in it from steamy scenes, humor and heart!

Nicole was an interesting character and I think one that we can really relate to. She is a perfectionist. She wants to do everything (job, motherhood, being a wife) with the utmost perfection but unfortunately she is awful at balancing it all. She made that really relatable as we all try to be everything to everyone and sometimes (maybe most) its difficult to obtain.

Kris is her husband and I loved him. He dotes on her and the kids but carries a lot of self doubt and has issues with communication but the love is there.

I won’t lie, a little bit of me is dying inside as I wait for the next book which I have no doubt will consume me just as much as this one has!

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