Eastern Shore Swingers Books 1-3 (Boxed Set) by Phoebe Alexander – Review by Angelina Frazzini

Eastern Shore Swingers Books 1-3 (Boxed Set)Eastern Shore Swingers Books 1-3 by Phoebe Alexander
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Fisher of Men
Fisher of Men by Phoebe Alexander is book one of the Eastern Shore Swingers Series. This book is an erotic romance and is suggested for readers 18+.

This book is Leah Miller and Captain “Cap” Chris Sheldons story. Leah was raised with strict Christian values and her family really expected her to follow their footsteps in the ministry. Leah wanted more though. She wanted to branch out from the Midwest so she ended up on the East Coast. After college she accepts a job at The Pearl and that’s where she meets Cap. She didn’t realize it at first but she meets Cap at a swingers party and though she has strong feelings for him, she’s having a hard time reconciling his lifestyle with her Christian values. Will Cap be able to set aside his lifestyle for a relationship with Leah or will Leah be able to look passed her faith at something new?

I enjoyed this book just as I have other books by this author. There was so much emotion and inner turmoil you could almost feel Leah’s struggle. The characters are so well written you can’t help but feel invested in them which really sucks you into the story. I can’t wait to see what the next book has in store!

The Catch
The Catch by Phoebe Alexander is book two of the Eastern Shore Swingers Series. This book can be read as a standalone. This book is really intended for readers 18+ due to subject content. I was pleasantly surprised to find out when I started reading that this book is pretty suspenseful. It definitely adds some layers to the book that really keeps you on the edge of your seat waiting to find out what happens.

As with book one, this book invites you to join the characters at a very specific type of club and the book really does a great job detailing the club and it’s activities so you feel like you’re right there. Paisley is very self-assured. She draws people in with that trait. She manages to draw Calvin in and it’s truly the last thing she wants. Relationships aren’t for her and she stands pretty firm on that. Will Paisley be able to rely on someone other than herself when he past comes back when she least expects it? Will Calvin be able to protect Paisley and convince her of their future?

Paisley doesn’t avoid relationships for no good reason. She tries to stand her ground as a way to protect Calvin just as Calvin is protective of her. I really enjoyed the depth the characters had and the chemistry between them. Paisley felt so real. She was flawed but she was aware of it and knew it was something she needed to work on for herself. Overall, I really enjoyed this book and look forward to reading the next book.

Siren Call
Siren Call by Phoebe Alexander is book three of the Eastern Shore Swingers Series. This book can be read as a standalone. Similar to the first two, it’s intended for readers 18+. This is the first female/female book I’ve read but, it was written very well.

Jessie has always wanted to be a police officer. She’s good at what she does and she loves it. She first meets Sirena when asked to keep an eye on her. Jessie immediately feels protective of Sirena. Sirena is pretty quiet and doesn’t open up much to people. The attraction between the two is almost instantaneous but Jessie pushes to keep things professional as much as possible. Eventually, they may be able to put their pasts and differences aside and find friendship and love in one another.

These characters are deep and complex. One of the differences in the characters is their age and I was able to relate to that so I felt pulled into the characters. This book was very well written and I can’t wait to continue to series.

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