Eastern Shore Swingers Books 1-3 (Boxed Set) by Phoebe Alexander – Review by Robin Rankin

Eastern Shore Swingers Books 1-3 (Boxed Set)Eastern Shore Swingers Books 1-3 by Phoebe Alexander
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Eastern Shore Swingers Books 1-3 is the first boxed set in the series by Phoebe Alexander.

The first book is Fisher of Men and of the three, I think this was my favorite but I’m not sure why since I loved all of them.

There was just something about Leah and Cap’s story that grabbed me. Not sure if it was the sweet girl from Nebraska meeting the older experienced man from the East Coast or just learning a little about the lifestyle which I really don’t know much about.

The Catch is the second book and in this one we meet Calvin and Paisley. What older woman hasn’t checked out a younger man and let her imagination wander?

Nothing in life is easy and poor Paisley sure didnt have the easiest of lives. She deserves happiness because shes earned it. And Calvin, oh yum. He is a good guy from a good family and knows what he wants.

The third and final book in this set is Siren Call. In this book we have Jessie and Sirena.

Jessie is a local police officer who spends time at the club, she sees Sirena and falls. But things aren’t always what they seem, especially with Sirena.

This story was fascinating to me, I haven’t read any F/F before or if I had it wasn’t very memorable. The way it was written really wasn’t any different from your standard M/F romance which I loved. Yes, when they were intimate it was a little different but overall it really just proved that love is love.

I have enjoyed everything I have read by Ms. Alexander and I hope that continues.

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