Eastern Shore Swingers Books 1 to 3 (Boxset) by Phoebe Alexander – Review by Sue Kemp

Eastern Shore Swingers Books 1-3 (Boxed Set)Eastern Shore Swingers Books 1-3 by Phoebe Alexander
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Eastern Shore Swingers (Boxset Books 1 to 3)
By Phoebe Alexander

Fisher of Men (Book 1)
After some bad relationships and with Will breaking her heart in such a way that she didn’t know how she was going to recover, Leah decided that she was going to let God guide the man to her that she should be with. She also knew this wouldn’t happen until God knew she was ready for it.
Leah works at the Pearl Resort as she describes her work role as keeping guests and staff happy. One of Leah’s main roles is to help guests organize their functions and to ensure that all guests can have a room booked for that night. She also ensures that the guests have everything they ask for to make sure their functions go off without a hitch.
Leah gets a call from her boss Barry to say they are a bar tender down for tonight’s function and asks if she can help. Having never attended bar before she has a few nervous moments. Little does Leah know that tonight’s function is a group of swingers who raise money for charities in the area.
As the function starts Leah serves what she thinks is a handsome man with a gorgeous smile. It’s this handsome man that tells Leah that everyone at this function are swingers. During their conversation she finds out this man’s name is Chris, but he goes by the name of Cap by his friends. Leah asks why Cap and he tells her it’s because he is a captain of a fishing boat. Leah can’t get Cap out of her mind and questions if God is sending her a swinger as her ideal partner.
Walking her dog Glory on the beach Leah bumps into Cap while he is walking his dog Keeper. Cap asks Leah if she would like to go for a coffee, but she makes the excuse that she must go back to work.
After all what future could she have with a swinger?
And as fisherman and swinger what is it that he could possibly offer her?

The Catch (Book 2)
The Catch is book two in the Eastern Shore Swingers series by Phoebe Alexander. The catch can be read as a standalone quite easily. Keeping in mind this series is not suited for younger readers. As with book one book will also keep you wanting to turn the page to see what the main characters are getting up to. The Catch is centered around Paisley and Calvin. I loved their story and how they protective of each other. You will be surprised just how much depth the characters have considering the subject of the book. Paisley avoids relationships, and this is why I loved how Calvin and Paisley had such a good connection. Is there room in her life to love Calvin? Calvin needs to show Paisley that they do have a future, but how is he going to do this with her need to avoid relationships?

Siren Call (Book 3)
Siren Call is the third instalment in the Eastern Shore Swingers series by Phoebe. Luckily this book can be read as a standalone and the storyline is very easy to follow. I wasn’t real sure about this book as I have never read a female/female romance before. But let me tell you I was pleasantly surprised and really enjoyed the story. There are quite a lot of sex scenes in this book but in true Phoebe style she has written the parts very well. As you can guess this is not your normal romance story, and by normal, I mean male/female. The book also has swingers, lesbian and bi sexual storylines, so if you aren’t into this type of reading don’t read the book, but I can tell you if you don’t read it you are going to miss out on a wonderfully written book. It an absolute hot read, so go get the series and I hope you enjoy it as I have. Thank you Phoebe for such a wonderful series.

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