Snatching Dianna (Feisty Lawyers, #1) by Seelie Kay – Review by Angela Shirley

Snatching Dianna (Feisty Lawyers, #1)Snatching Dianna by Seelie Kay
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Snatching Dianna by Seelie Kay is the first book in the Feisty Lawyers series and what a book it is. Full of thrilling suspense, intrigue and twists and turn this book will have you on a roller coaster ride with its fast pace writing and well written story.

Dianna Murphy is a law student and one night she vanishes, her room mate is convinced something has happen to her but no-one will listen, so she enlists the help of her Law Professor to help in finding out what really happen to her friend, but her Law professor is not all she seems. Janet MacLachlan was once a secret agent and with help from her husband, the police chief and a merry band of others they decide to find out what really happened.

This book will have you on the end of your seat, although a short novel this does not stop the effectiveness of the full story. With the twists and turn you are taken on a journey with the “team” to uncover what has happened, but has the team over turned just one to many stones and are they ready for what they uncover. If you love the suspense and thrill of a good thriller you will love this book. I can’t wait to read more in this series or more books by this author.

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