The Killmores (Killmore #2) by Martha Sweeney – Review by Emily Walsh

The Killmores (Killmore #2)The Killmores
ByMartha Sweeney
My Rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Killmores (Killmore #2) by Martha Sweeney was a action packed, not your normal romance thrill, with a power couple could give Mr. and Mrs Smith a run for their money.

I am in deep with this series, it’s everything I never knew I wanted in a action romance. Both are kickass, both are amazing, and this isn’t a story about the hot action, alpha guy saving the girl. No, no, this story is about a powerhouse couple that work together, fight it out and know how to give and take.

Outside of the nail biting action and heart pounding intense situations, the writing is on point. Everything flowed cohesively, transitions were near seamless and, the detail was rich and drawing. I felt like I was watching a blockbuster action movie instead of reading a book.

Not one for spoilers, I don’t want to say anymore as it will ruin this fan-freaking-tastic book. I will warn you that this is part of a series, and it picks up pretty much were the last leaves off. It has a continuation timeline and plot, so I highly suggest you read the first book, Killmore, as to not get confused.

So if you haven’t guest, I highly, highly recommend you get your hands on this book, this series. Take my stamp of approval that you will be capture by this power couple, their resolved and, the endless thrilling action.

Happy reading

-Review by @eawalsh

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