The Moon in Her Eyes: A Witch’s Tale (Witch Series) by Nikki Broadwell- Review by Emma Morreale

The Moon in Her Eyes: a witch's taleThe Moon in Her Eyes: a witch’s tale by Nikki Broadwell
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

First off, this is the second book in the series and I read this one first. I don’t feel like I was missing out on any information that was super important to the plot of this book but I normally suggest reading a series in order.
The first chapter threw me for a loop because you are thrown right into some sort of ritual and the chapter ends abruptly with the next one starting by letting you know what specific year it is. I spent a minute trying to figure out if that had any bearing on what I had just read and why that wasn’t also put at the beginning of the book. Dialogue got a bit messy and confusing in chapter two and usually this would be enough to turn me off of a book but I could already tell this was my kind of story.
The main character, Emeline, is a time traveling witch. She is living in 1694 when she gets a surprising visit from her sister, Jean, who lives in the modern age. Jean tries to convince Emeline to come back with her but little bits of what she is saying don’t match up with her sister’s memories. I think about this kind of ramification of time travel all the time so I IMMEDIATELY latched on to this, ready for anything.
There were one or two bits that I couldn’t suspend my disbelief for (like a 16 year old living through the 2010’s and having no idea what sex is) but for the most part I really enjoyed reading this book and will absolutely be picking up the first book in the series.

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