The Way You Are (Carolina Connections Book 5) By Sylvie Stewart – Review by Laura Furuta

The Way You Are (Carolina Connections Book 5)The Way You Are by Sylvie Stewart
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Way You Are (Carolina Connections Book 5)
By: Sylvie Stewart
5 out of 5 stars

The story The Way You Are (Carolina Connections Book 5) by Sylvie Stewart is a wonderful romance book that I loved reading. I have loved this series ever since reading the first book and am excited when a new story in the series comes out. In this book, I enjoyed reading about the characters of Liv and Brett. Liv is a woman who is smart and beautiful. She can also be fiery when she speaks. A friend is what she calls Brett. She then begins to realize she has a crush on him. Brett is used to the friend zone. However, being friends with Liv is sometimes a problem with the thoughts and feelings that he has for her. Oh, and the other problem is Liv’s current boyfriend. Will Brett be able to get Liv to take him out of the friend-zone? What does the future hold for Brett and Liv? Read this story to find out. Brett and Liv are characters that I grew to love with each chapter of the book I read. I found that I was rooting for them to find happiness. The characters show many different emotions throughout the story and I found myself feeling what they did. I also enjoyed reading about some of the additional characters that interact with Brett and Liv. This is a book that I found I didn’t want to put down until I had read the final page. Don’t miss out on the next exciting story in the Carolina Connections series.

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