A Tendency Dark and Dangerous by Emmalyn Danvers – Review by Jana Teppih

A Tendency Dark and DangerousA Tendency Dark and Dangerous by Emmalyn Danvers
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A Tendency Dark and Dangerous by Emmalyn Danvers will leave you speechless, in a good way. It took me only a moment to get used to her free verse writing style and I noticed something, I am a speed reader and inhale books but having this book in free verse, it made me slow down and feel … feel the story…feel the need…experience the darkness…you get deep into Evangeline’s being and once you are caught, it doesn’t let you go…oh my…
The writer has given us some great characters – Evangeline, our happy-on-the-surface heroine, her partner Jesse, her obsession Landon and all those great supporting characters that play such a huge role! Please do not be put out by the free verse, give yourself a moment and you will not regret slowing down and digging into the story. I will leave you with Evangeline’s thoughts that shook me and made me ask myself the same – “Who am I? and What do I want and need?”

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