Alive (Sundown Series Book 3) by Courtney Konstantin – Review by Jenni Bishop

Alive (Sundown Series Book 3)Alive by Courtney Konstantin
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Alive (Sundown Series Book 3) by Courtney Konstantin is a thrilling sci fi, post apocalyptic, suspense story that had me on the edge of my seat, all the way through. I am not normally a zombie lover, but this story is unique and different in it’s telling and the plot and whilst it has walking dead, it’s focus is on how it came about and the people and their fight for survival.

This tale is definitely intense and will have your heart pumping and your fight or flight instincts kicking in and I had to remind myself to breathe, as I traversed my way around the action and danger, drama and twists and turns. Courtney’s story is an original twist and is so engrossing. Her vivid writing style, is so descriptive that it truly feels like you are the one fighting and trying to survive. I had to read it all in one go, I had to keep turning the pages because I had to know, I needed to know, I had to witness it first hand. Trust me when I say you will continue to think about it long after you have turned the last page and long after darkness has set, when you are looking in the shadows.

Rafe and Charlie have gone from normal to chaos and fighting to survive, but it’s not just the walking dead they have to worry about. Will they be able to survive the true evil that is after them?

I have not read anything by Courtney before, now I have to go back and read the first two books and scout around to see what else she has written because her word smithing is superb. This is definitely my favourite read so far for the new year.

If you love a thrilling, gory tale that is gruesome, is disturbing, is disgusting and intensely gripping, then this is one that should be on your reading list.

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