Best Foot Forward (The Liberty Lawrence Series #1) by Bea Stevens – Review by Emily Walsh

Best Foot Forward (The Liberty Lawrence Series #1)Best Foot Forward
ByBea Stevens
My Rating: 4 of 5 stars

Best Foot Forward (The Liberty Lawrence Series #1) by Bea Stevens was a sweet, light hearted read that hits you right in the good feels department.

My first read from this author and I’m liking what’s being put out. A fun light heart read with witty dialogue, exciting characters, a mystery, and of course a hot cop, made for an entertaining, engaging read that had me flipping the pages. I will say that, I did at times find myself annoyed with the inner dialogue of the MC. She’s very into fashion and brands, and as someone who doesn’t care about labels, I found the constant high end label name drops, annoying. I get it, it’s part of the character’s persona, but it was too much.

Speaking of the MC, Libby was something. But I don’t like how over the top, the clumsy, bad luck, trope was bestowed on her was. It got to the point where the surprise was taken away, and I just rolled my eyes when she fell, tripped, or ruined something… again. Once in awhile is fine, but like her label dropping, it was too much. But overall she was a pretty solid character, and she did grow on me. I liked how she kept pushing forward and how loyal she was to her bestie.

Overall this story was sweet, fun, and entertaining as hell. I love the ending, way to leave a girl hanging! I need to know if that last scene was stage or true! Good thing I already have the second book. And will be jumping into that one ASAP!

So please take my high recommendation and my stamp of approval that you will have the time of your life reading this book.

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