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Caught in the SpinCaught in the Spin by Sharleen Scott
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Caught in the Spin (The Caught Series Book 2)
By Sharleen Scott
Rated 5 Stars!!

I LOVE the cover of this book! So Sexy! This is the perfect second book in this series! We were introduced to Tom in the last book. He is a cowboy who runs a ranch in Nashville. He is also the head of security for Clay Masterson. The brother and best friend. The relationship we saw between Clay and Tom last book really shows its true colors in this one. It’s nice to read about this with the men. Normally it’s a female who has an amazing best friend. This is different and I like it. They have talks and always have each other’s backs. One of my favorite relationships in the two books! I also enjoyed learning about Tom’s past and seeing how he ended up the way he is now. Very interesting! Tallie Peters was perfect! Not only Tom but she brought an element of danger to the story. She has a colorful past she is trying to out run. She is smart and protective. I liked her character very much.

It was great to see Clay and Harlie in this book. They were involved and helpful to both of the main characters. I liked seeing where they are now. This is full of some great characters that add so much to the story. It don’t pull away too much from Tom and Tallie.

This is my third book by this author. She easily drew me into the lives of these characters. The story flowed nicely and I read it fairly quickly. The characters were fun, flirty and dangerous. While this could be read as a stand alone I HIGHLY recommend reading book 1 (Caught in the Cross Seas). Perfect Title as well! So be ready for the “Spin” in this book!

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