Crime Lord’s Captive (Crime Lord Series Book #1) by Mia Knight – Review by Angela Hayes.

Crime Lord's Captive (Crime Lord, #1)Crime Lord’s Captive by Mia Knight
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“You’re back in my world, under my rules. You disobey, and I’ll know. You got me?”


Crime Lord’s Captive is the first book in the Crime Lord Series by Mia Knight. OMG!! I love this series sooooo very much. I devoured this first book, completely riveted by the story- I got to then end and didn’t take a break, diving right into the next book/s because I HAD to know what happens. So, over the course of a whole day and a night, I read the entire series… and WOW!!! Colour me impressed!! Ms. Knight had me completely under her deliciously dark spell- taking me along on a ride I won’t soon forget! This is one of the better Mafia/Dark romances that I’ve read- and I have read quite a few! The story has intense, shocking, violent, bloody, and gruesome details that shook me up and broke me. But there was also an incredible emotional side to the story- that really sets this apart. It has a superb ‘anti-hero’ whom I adored, even with all his controlling, violent ways- and a wonderful, strong female lead- who had me completely invested in them and their story.
This heartbreaking, gut-clenching, harrowing experience was brilliantly done and so incredibly addictive. I was devouring each book, thinking to myself that I shouldn’t like what I was reading, but I DID – and couldn’t put the book/s down. I had to know what would happen. In every book I was torn apart- waiting, watching, expectant- not knowing if I would ever be put back together again. I can’t tell you what happens, because it would ruin the surprise. But believe me, if you like mafia romance, with a dark edge to it- you will want to read this book/series!!
Ms. Knight’s stories are definitely not for the faint of heart- they are not fluffy lolly pops and rainbow romances. They are intense, overwhelming, gritty, raw, brutal, erotic, emotionally devastating- with chemistry that sizzles right off the pages. Ms. Knight made me want bad things……And I liked it! But, be warned, her stories contain subject matter that may ‘trigger’ some readers.
So, if you are looking for something to add an intense ‘flavour’ to your otherwise vanilla existence- then this book/series will definitely do the job!!

Thank you, Ms. Knight!!


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