Paladin’s Hell: Satan’s Devils MC (Colordo Chapter) by Manda Mellett – Review Cindy Mayberry

Paladin's Hell: Satan's Devils MC (Colorado Chapter) #1Paladin’s Hell: Satan’s Devils MC (Colorado Chapter) #1 by Manda Mellett
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Paladin’s Hell
Satan’s Devils MC
Colorado Chapter #1
Manda Mellett
Motorcycles, Suspense and Romance what more could we ask for?
Not for those under 18, due to adult content.

Jayden was taken at 14 and treated horrible. Her tormentors are out to get her back, and they don’t care how. Jayden may have fallen in love with her Knight in Shiny Armor. But she needs to grow up as she is so young. Life and love are not what the romance books say it is. Jayden must find her own way.

Paladin as a prospect has no say. But he knows he loves Jayden. Being older than her he must wait to find out what Jayden wants. Moving to another state to protect Jayden has its challenges. The Satan’s Devils have always been his family. But he wants the girl! Does she want him?

Manda Mellett has done it again! I love this series. So many members and their partners. Wonderful characters, wonderful love stories as well as a rollercoaster of suspense. Paladin’s Hell will not disappoint. Take the ride and enjoy the story as I did. Now I’m hoping for another in the series.

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