Perilous Confessions (The Possession Chronicles #1) by Carrie Dalby – Review by Gail Guerrero

Perilous Confessions (The Possession Chronicles Book 1)Perilous Confessions by Carrie Dalby
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

PERILOUS CONFESSIONS Book One of The Possession Chronicles by CARRIE DALBY

Four Stars

I’m not sure how I felt about this story. I usually love Historical stories. The time was so different men treated certain women with respect and laid freely with others. Women were property they had no rights or say so. I love the concept of courting. It’s so refreshing and special. Now guys don’t talk you on romantic walks or open doors for you. Lucy was a confusing character. She cried a lot and couldn’t make up her mind. You either forgive someone of their past or you don’t. You don’t forgive but hold it over their head. Alex was tiring to read about. He has major issues. Over all it was interesting to read the authors view of that time period. How free the author was with character affection towards each other.
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