Player by Pamela DuMond – Review by Krystal Gaston

Player (21st Century Courtesan #1)Player by Pamela DuMond
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Player: 21st Century Courtesan Book 1 written by Pamela DuMond. Players is a quick read about Evie and her empath ability. The story is told from Evie’s point of view and centers around her life, her choices and her newest admirer, except she doesn’t know who it is and they are scaring her by leaving notes and other things laying around, like in her locked apartment. I will say there story at the beginning and then at the end when they make a comeback makes you wonder what’s going to happen next. You really want to see if anything comes out of seeing Easton even if he does despise her.

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Review by Krystalgaston

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