The Fire God Tour (Moore Family Saga Book 3) by Michele Sims – Review by Tausha Treadway

The Fire God Tour (Moore Family Saga, #3)The Fire God Tour by Michele Sims
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The Fire God Tour (Moore Family Saga Book 3) by Michele Sims. This is the 3rd book in the Moore Family Saga Series and I think this is my favorite! This is the story of Miles Moore aka Ari, International Hip Hop Sensation who loves the life of a famous Star most of the time. There are the death threats and life on the road but the fast cars, fast women and traveling all over the world make up for it. Miles never thinks he will want to settle down with one woman until he meets Bella Wahlberg.As Miles gets ready for The Fire God Tour, Bella is hired on to his team as the Chief of Marketing and Miles is not impressed at the beginning. Bella is a beautiful, energetic and fiercely independent and she’s deadly afraid of fire which Miles is famous for in his shows. He is a little obsessed with fire and he can’t figure out a woman so afraid of it. He even starts calling Bella the Ice Queen but as he gets to know her better and feels a strong attraction to her he begins to wonder if he can be with just one woman. Will Bella get over her fear of Fire and love long enough for them to try. Will Miles learn to love just one woman for a relationship to blossom? Read The Fire God Tour to find out!

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