Salvation: An Ash Park Prequel Novella by Meghan O’Flynn – Review by Angela Hayes.

Salvation: An Ash Park Prequel Novella (Ash Park, #0.5)Salvation: An Ash Park Prequel Novella by Meghan O’Flynn
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Salvation: An Ash Park Novella is the prequel to the brilliant Ash Park Series by Meghan O’Flynn. I have read all of the Ash Park series and thought my wild ‘ride’ might have been over- so I was thrilled to discover this book had recently been released. All through the series, I have reiterated how impressed I am with Ms. O’Flynn’s ability to spin an incredibly clever thriller- and how she also manages to make each new instalment slightly eclipse the previous one. As well as the amount of tension, suspense, shocks, twists, surprises, and puzzling situations that she manages to infuse into each story, has me in awe of her skills- she always has me guessing, with a tight, unpredictable storyline- and delivering heart pounding, stomach clenching, and mind-blowing reading every single time.
This book takes us back to the beginning, giving us a different glimpse into the life of Detective Edward Petrosky, and some of the earlier events that shaped the man we know from the rest of the series. I can’t say too much more than what’s already mentioned in the blurb, without giving away spoilers, so do yourself a favour and grab yourself a copy- and get set for a thrilling ride….. with 5 other books in the series to devour, as well!
I wonder what Ms. O’Flynn has in store for us next?

Thank you, Ms. O’Flynn!


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