Murder Most Pemberley (Eliza Darcy Mysteries Book 1) by Jessica Berg – Review by Mandy Kneale

Murder Most Pemberley (Eliza Darcy Mysteries Book 1)Murder Most Pemberley by Jessica Berg
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Sherlock Holmes meets Jane Austen

Eliza is on her way from American, to a Darcy/ Bennet family reunion in England, where she will meet her extended family for the first time! Lucky she packed her Agatha Christie skills! She will need them to solve the estrangement between her Father and Uncle and also work out why dead bodies keep popping up. Eliza certainly starts off positive, with a very attractive Englishman sitting beside her on the flight!

I loved this! From the head scratching mysteries to the cheeky young romance, I was hooked! I felt like I was right there at Pemberley with Eliza and her team of sleuths and found myself really caring about the characters. The English/American terms comparison and the “Pride & Prejudice” entries added such a fun element.

If you love a cosy mystery lead by a gutsy lady then this is for you!

I will most certainly be keeping my eye out for the next “Eliza Darcy” instalment!

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