Salvation: An Ash Park Prequel Novella by Meghan O’Flynn – Review by Melissa Agena

Salvation: An Ash Park Prequel Novella (Ash Park, #0.5)Salvation: An Ash Park Prequel Novella by Meghan O’Flynn
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So thrilling that I can’t wait to read more! Salvation is the Prequel novella to the Ash Park Series by Meghan O’Flynn. Now, I read the series prior to reading this novella and it explains so much! This prequel is based on Edward Petrosky. Petrosky is the lead detective in the Ash Park serial killings, only this time it’s about him. His wife is found dead and he is on the one who finds her. We also learn about his reasoning’s for joining the police force. Being former military, it can be difficult to unsee things. We learn quite a bit about Detective Petrosky throughout the series but this really sums him up and at the same time sets up the series. This novella give us a basis for why he is the way he is and why he fights so hard to find out who the Ash Park Serial Killer is.

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