The Lies We Tell by Brittany Butler – Review by Maura Harper

The Lies We TellThe Lies We Tell by Brittany Butler
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

“There is no room for your past when you have a new future.”

“The past doesn’t matter… It is just a part of the lies we tell”

“He ages like fine wine. I, on the other hand, age with Botox.”

This is the first book I’ve read by this author and it was almost like a “blind date” read because the blurb is so vague (I really like the blurb doesn’t explain the whole book). THE LIES WE TELL focuses on one main character with three very important secondary characters who move the story along. It is told in single POV in past and present tense. While tense is always mentioned at the beginning of a new chapter, there were times when I didn’t know whose past we were going to be reading about – or what timeframe. I had to slow down and pay attention so I would know who I was reading about.

It is a well thought out story and I was surprised by the weight of the story. This book isn’t all fluff and romance. There are certain times in the story that I wanted to throw my Kindle against the wall because I did not like what was going on and there were times I wanted to shake them all and tell them to move along and don’t look back. In the end, this was a satisfying read.

I give THE LIES WE TELL 4 super solid stars.

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