Shadow’s Keep: A Novel by Meghan O’Flynn – Review Lisa Helmick

Shadow's Keep: A NovelShadow’s Keep: A Novel by Meghan O’Flynn
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Shadow’s Keep: A Novel
By Meghan O’Flynn
Rated 4 stars

This story was a shock to me and my mind is still reeling with the possibilities. I never figured this out. This is a perfectly weaved story of suspense. It opens my eyes to a darker side of life. It’s is a typical Meghan O’Flynn book with amazing characters you want to love and shows the harshness of the world and what happens when those two meet.

The characters are light and fluffy on the surface. It’s the story behind their smile that get me. My main emotion was hope but then it turned to shock while reading. This is very smoothly written and easy to read and follow along. All of this easily draw me into the story and the “unknown” keeps me coming back.

I was left with a few unanswered questions. Things I couldn’t figure out how they happened. I could have missed the answers but I’m not sure. Still a freakishly good story.

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