Written in the Stars (Fallen Eagles MC Book 2) by T. Birmingham – Review by Emily Walsh

Written in the Stars (Fallen Eagles MC Book 2)Written in the Stars
ByT. Birmingham
My Rating: 5 of 5 stars

Written in the Stars (Fallen Eagles MC Book 2) by T. Birmingham was an addicting read that will hook you from start to finish.

My First read by this author, I went in blind and man am I happy I did, well I have one regret, I regret not reading the first book. Though this can be read as a standalone, you can tell there are overlapping characters and things from that first book that would have helped me in this one in regards to character development and background. So don’t be like me and get that first book.

This book is more than a romance, it has a spine tingly murder mystery that plays quiet the roll, it’s actually the opening scene. Telling you right away that this book isn’t going to be light hearted. That alone pulled me in hard, and hooked me. I love me a good thriller and this book delivered. It not only gives you dark mystery, it gives you a serial killer to chase, as well as a growing love stories that somehow gets intertangled in it. This story has a little bit of everything, with rich, engaging writing and lush detail, you will get trapped in this stunningly real world that T. Birmingham has created.

Overall, and if you haven’t guessed, this book gets my super high recommendation and my stamp of approval.

Happy Reading

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