A Cold Dark Place (Cold Justice #1) by Toni Anderson – Review by Jenni Bishop

A Cold Dark Place (Cold Justice, #1)A Cold Dark Place by Toni Anderson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A Cold Dark Place (Cold Justice #1) by Toni Anderson is a gripping serial killer story with lots of suspense and a hot romance. The plot is well developed with several tantalising twists and turns that will have your heart pumping. Working toward the same goals but using different methods, exactly who is right or wrong. Secrets and lies that go beyond the realm of legal but again who is right or wrong. This is a fast paced story with a great mix of romance and mystery, deceit and suspense.

Alex has many secrets, but one he wants to walk away from, one that could destroy his chance at real happiness.

Mallory has lived her life under the spotlight of a terrible childhood tragedy, one that has led her on the path she is on today, but through it all there is only one thing that matters and that is finding the one person she loved more than anything in her life.

I am interested to see what the next book in the series brings.

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