Infamy (Feisty Lawyers Book 2) by Seelie Kay – Review by Jenni Bishop

Infamy (Feisty Lawyers, #2)Infamy by Seelie Kay
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Infamy (Feisty Lawyers Book 2) Seelie Kay is a short and easy read with lots of suspense and intrigue. I recommend reading the first book before this one to get the background and history of the characters as they continue in this story. I loved the first book but this one is even better and is my favourite so far.

Seelie’s cleverly woven plot, where the suspense is palpable, had me on the edge of my seat, as they race against time to stop terrorists. I loved every bit of the action and adventure, the danger and lets not forget the humour and banter that had me laughing. Even though it is a short story it definitely packs a punch and keeps you on your toes.

The easy comradery, friendship and love between the characters and their antics makes them and their journey all the more real.

I look forward to and can’t wait to see what Seelie has in store for us with the next book and beyond.

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