Movie Star (21st Century Courtesan Book 2) by Pamela Dumond – Review by Tausha Treadway

Movie Star (21st Century Courtesan, #2)Movie Star by Pamela DuMond
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Movie Star (21st Century Courtesan Book 2) by Pamela Dumond. This is the second book in the Courtesan Series and I love these books. It picks up where the first book left off and is about Evie and her life as a 21st Century Courtesan. Her latest assignment is Jake Keller, a movie star who is in a funk. Evie is strong, independent and beautiful. Her life has not been easy and she is taking care of her mentally ill mother and her strung out sister. Jake has been a huge movie star but has had an emotional and creative shut down so Evie is flying out to see if she can help. Jake is a sweet guy but has a broken past. Will Evie be able to get thru Jake’s tough exterior and help him have the breakthrough he needs. This is a great book, I loved it as much as the first one.

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