Penny For Your Thoughts: A Sweet Romance (Sand Dollar Series Book 1) by J.D. Boudreaux – Review by Sara Oxton

Penny For Your Thoughts (Sand Dollar Series Book 1)Penny For Your Thoughts by J.D. Boudreaux
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Penny For your Thoughts by J.D. Boudreaux is a five-star read that will have you thinking. This is the first novel in the Sand Dollar series and I for one can’t wait on the next one. It was charmingly romantic but there was a real current throughout. Yes, love is amazing but it’s also hard. This story does have places that it could have been polished and it could have gone better, but it shows us the talent of the author coming through and the story was so good. Penny was a good character, you will find her story and be thrilled by it and when you add Alex to the mix it just makes it so much better. I can’t wait to see the next one as I hope the author has improved the bits that need it, I have a good feeling that the experience will only develop, and we will see some great writing from this author.

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