Rebel Heart (The Immortal Kindred Series #2) by Clara Winter – Review by Emily Walsh

Rebel Heart (The Immortal Kindred Series #2)Rebel Heart
ByClara Winter
My Rating: 5 of 5 stars

Rebel Heart (The Immortal Kindred Series #2) by Clara Winter was an hooking engaging read, that had me flipping the pages.

Not my first read by this author or in this series, so I knew going in that I was in for one hell of a story. I met Annie in the first book, and though she played more of a background roll (till the end,) her story intrigued me and I wanted to know more. The book takes us back to when Annie was a spy, we get her story, and we get to meet a new sexy vamp Captain Thayer Emmerich. Annie said in the first book you only get one chance of true love, and now I’m wondering if she meant this sexy piece of dream fiction.

Told in dual POV, we not only get to experience Annie’s life before Alexander, we get to see through the eyes of Captain Thayer Emmerich. Witnessing the cold captain fall under her spell, was a treat, and it added unexpected layer to this already complex book. I enjoyed his evolving character, it was well balanced. Normally I lean towards one MC, but with Annie’s equally intriguing character development, I can’t choose, and I don’t want to. These two matched, they’re overlapping story matched, and I loved every second of this star crossed lovers story, caught in a deadly spy game.

If you haven’t guessed I highly recommend this original fresh read, so please take my stamp of approval, that you will fall under Annie’s and Captain Thayer Emmerich spell.

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-Review by @eawalsh

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