Rules of Engagement: A Single Dad Romance (Platonically Complicated Book 3) by Mika Jolie – Review by Tracy Wilkin

Rules of EngagementRules of Engagement by Mika Jolie
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Rules of Engagement: A Single Dad Romance is book three in the Platonically Complicated series by Mika Jolie. This series is mesmirising and told from our leading man’s POV. Not very often do I read a story from the male, and I loved stray from the norm.

The hero is taken by his best friends sister. It is a new thing, and one he cannot shake, or the feelings that  go along with it. Kate is everything he needs and wants for himself and his daughter, and all of what he won’t allow himself to take. But kife has a way of handing out shocks, and feelings won’t go away just because they are not convenient or you want to hide behind them. It is a case of the more you protest, the deeper the emotional connection, and the harder it is to walk away. It had an emotional edge that was almost hidden, but there nonetheless. It was something that crept up on you, unawares. It was a welcome surprise. A story with heart, passion, friendship, love, denial, and intensity. A gripping and sweet tale that swept me away. 4 stars.

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