Rules of Engagement: A Single Dad Romance (Platonically Complicated Series, #3) by Mika Jolie – Review by Angela Hayes

Rules of EngagementRules of Engagement by Mika Jolie
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Rules of Engagement is the third book in the Platonically Complicated Series by Mika Jolie. This is a great single dad romance, with a best friends’ younger sister, and ‘friends to lovers ‘elements to it too. I have been loving this series, and it’s becoming harder to choose my favourite, as each book seems to slightly outdo the last.
You don’t need to have read the other two books before starting on this one, but I recommend doing so because you will get to know the other characters and stories, which in my opinion, will help give you a better reading experience of this book.
Lucas is a single dad focused on his daughter and his job as a hedge fund manager. Since his bitter divorce he’s earned a bit of a “playboy” reputation, and definitely isn’t interested in a relationship. But when his ex-wife decides to play dirty and seek full custody of their daughter, Lucas will have to do a bit of damage control, and whatever he can to project an image of a loving ‘family man’. And this is where his best friend’s beautiful younger sister comes into the picture.
Katherine Morello owns a high end lingerie business and is also a part-time blogger. She’s not looking for a relationship, especially after her last one ended when her boyfriend cheated on her. Kate has known Lucas all her life, and secretly thinks he’s a catch- he’s sexy and intriguing, if not a little guarded. She gets along well with him and his cute little daughter Emma- so when he needs some help, she’s happy to lend a hand.
The plan is to ‘fake’ their engagement long enough to thwart his ex. They devise a set of rules that will protect them, and their friendship. And so, the engagement begins. What happens makes for a really intriguing, funny, sexy and steamy read!
Ms. Jolie has a beautiful, witty and descriptive style that really showed throughout this funny, emotional and completely captivating story. I was entirely engrossed from beginning to end. As with the other books, the characters all had such well thought out and developed personalities- they really were very endearing and had me totally invested in them and their story. The funny banter, quips, innuendos, and antics had me laughing out loud. As always, I also love the close-knit, supportive group of friends in this series- they are just wonderful.
The story is told from Lucas’s point of view, which I loved- pulling off a male perspective isn’t such an easy thing to do, without it looking forced or fake- but Ms. Jolie has mastered the art and made it entirely realistic and believable. She also has a knack for infusing her stories with a large dose of Sizzle that never fails to fog up my reading glasses.
I can’t wait for more from Ms. Jolie!

Thank you, Ms. Jolie!


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