Tales of the Dragonfly Book III: Extended Flight by Tamara Ferguson – Review by Angela Hayes

Tales of the Dragonfly Book III: Extended FlightTales of the Dragonfly Book III: Extended Flight by Tamara Ferguson
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Extended Flight is the third book in the Tales of the Dragonfly Series by Tamara Ferguson. It is a contemporary romance, with a wounded warrior element to the storyline. There is plenty of drama, danger, suspense, mystery, and of course a wonderful romance to be found within these pages. Ms. Ferguson is one of my ‘one-click- no questions asked’ authors, as I know that she will always deliver a story that will both move me and entertain me. They are stories that I can lose myself in (in a very good way)- losing track of time and space- as her story holds me in its embrace.
I have read most of Ms. Ferguson’s books now and have always enjoyed the experience. But this book seemed to hold me a little tighter, becoming one of my all-time favourites of hers, so far! It was everything I have come to expect from Ms. Ferguson, and yet it somehow managed to creep under my skin a little further than the others.
It’s a captivating installment in the series, that takes us back to Crystal Rock/Dragonfly Pointe. Each time I open one of Ms. Ferguson’s books it’s like going on a wonderful journey- and I never really know what to expect, because she really has a knack for adding surprising developments and little twists, which keep me guessing!
Ms. Ferguson has a talent for writing stories that entice you further and further into the book, and before you know it you’ve come to the end of a fantastic experience…. so I wonder what she has in store for us next? I can’t wait!

Thank you, Ms. Ferguson!

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