The Billionaire and the Therapist (Clean Billionaire Romance Reads) by Kim Koby – Review by Lisa Helmick

The Billionaire and the Therapist (Clean Billionaire Romance Reads, #1)The Billionaire and the Therapist by Kim Koby
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Billionaire and the Therapist (Clean Billionaire Romance Reads #1)
By Kim Koby
Rated 3 stars

This started off great a trauma, mystery then possible romance. I enjoyed the characters and it was easy to get into their story. It was near the end that it started to skip around and become rushed. Maybe even the last two chapters could have been an epilogue which would help some. Other than that It actually was a lovely story. I can’t even imagine the world the male MC lives in. Billionaire!? Wow! I didn’t care for him at first because of his attitude about the price of things. He got a little looser as the story moved forward. The female MC seemed legit. A therapist who works with horses and children. So cool!
The secondary characters were different. The brothers, the parents, the child, and the bodyguards all had different personas. From raging mad to aggravatingly polite. Some of these were useful to the story…others not so much.
Overall it’s a good story. It was easy to follow along and the characters were interesting.

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