The Monster’s Lover (The Fenris Series Book 1) by Samantha Macleod – Review Lisa Helmick

The Monster's LoverThe Monster’s Lover by Samantha MacLeod
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Monster’s Lover
By Samantha MacLeod
Rated 4 stars

This is a nice story. A little heavy on the sexy times. I felt the story was strong enough that a few of those could have been tapered down. I liked the theme going through the book. Family struggle, fairy tales and “what are we going to do now” scenes. I wish we could have seen a few chapters from Fenris’ point of view. He is kind of an enigma and remained that way. I thought he was interesting and wondered how he came to be and what happened to his family. I see there is a free story about him and his friend Tyr.
I felt sorry for the girl-Sol. When she ran Into problems on her trip to town. I was shocked and dismayed. I would have loved a bit more insight into Sol’s growing up and how she actually acted with the townspeople. The ending was…good. Closure with her family would have been good but maybe more of that will come in Book two of the series.

I liked the idea of this short story. There are many possibilities on where it can go from here. This is a first time author for me.

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