Next Door to a Star (The Star Series) by Krysten Lindsay Hager

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Next Door to a Star (The Star Series) by Krysten Lindsay Hager
Genre – young adult, coming of age, YA contemporary
Page Count – 202 PAGES
Hadley Daniels is sick of being invisible at school and wants a fresh start. She sees a chance to reinvent herself when she moves to the lake resort town of Grand Haven. There she gets her first taste of popularity when she moves next door to a teen actress who used to be on a popular TV show. Simone is everything Hadley longs to be: pretty, popular, and famous, so why doesn’t Simone want to talk about her life in Hollywood? Hadley gets caught up hanging with the popular crowd and starts seeing Nick Jenkins. However, the popular girls turn on her and fill Nick’s head with a lie about Hadley that leaves her heartbroken. Hadley soon finds out what it’s really like to be in the popular crowd and what being famous is all about as Simone opens up to her about her time in Hollywood.
Cliques. Back-stabbing. All eyes on you. Is this really what it’s like to live NEXT DOOR TO A STAR?


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I write novels about love, friendships, dealing with self-doubt, finding where you belong as well as your soulmate. My sister says my books are an airing of my grievances, but I like to think I’m just working through issues via my characters to help my readers work through theirs. Either way, the bumps along the road gave me a lot of material.

I’ve been writing since I was a kid, but my mom made me show her I was serious about it my senior year when she signed me up for writing conferences to see if I’d sink or swim. Who knew I’d finally feel like I felt in somewhere…well, fit in-ish. I love reading, TV, watching strangers’ IG stories, and lipstick.

Author Interview With Krysten Lindsay Hager




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