The Slip Series Collection by Gwyn McNamee – Review by Karyn Taylor

The Slip Series CollectionThe Slip Series Collection by Gwyn McNamee
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The Slip Series Collection contains the 3 novellas in the Slip Series by Gwyn McNamee: Dickslip, Nipslip and Beaver Blunder. All 3 are stand-alone novellas although there are some recurring characters. Each book starts with an embarrassing moment for the main character where they inadvertently expose an intimate part of their body which then causes major repercussions to their lives.
In Dickslip, Top children’s TV presenter Rafe accidentally exposes his ‘meat and 2 veg’ when playing in a charity basketball game which is watched my millions across the country. His unlikely ally is brand new CEO Andrea who fights his case against the male hierarchy in the TV world.
Nipslip, as the title may suggest starts with top model Riley’s nipple popping out of her dress when on the catwalk at New York fashion week. As well as being a funny rom-com this story also looks at the harsh realities behind the scenes in the modelling world.
Finally, in Beaver Blunder, attorney Madeline Ryan goes commando to work one day when she realises that she has no clean underwear. As fate would have it, that’s the day she slips in the courthouse, baring her most intimate place for all the other male attorneys to see. As a woman in a very male dominated profession, this ‘slip’ could cause major damage to her career.
Each of these 3 stories are sweet, funny romances which start out with embarrassing and career threatening situations but result in other life changing moments.

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