An Appointment (Summer in New York Book 4) by Lindsay Marie Miller – Review by Gail Guerrero

An Appointment (Summer in New York, #4)An Appointment by Lindsay Marie Miller
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An Appointment (Summer in New York Book 4) by Lindsay Marie Miller

Four Stars

Ugh! Can I get a puke bag please. Lindsay Miller if Savannah doesn’t want Preston I will take him. The man is perfect in the most imperfect ways. Lord if you’re listening send me a big man like Preston lol. I really couldn’t decide if I wanted to fight Savannah or cry for her. Divorce is really hard and it takes something away from you that you never truly get back. I haven’t found it but I haven’t given up either. She just refused to try and wasn’t being fair to Preston. I don’t understand why people feel like children need two parents to be happy. Is it amazing when both parents are there and helping raise the child? Yes! But it’s also proven that a child can be just as happy with only one parent. I almost dropped my phone a few times when Savannah question herself about Trey’s father. If this was me Kevin would be swimming with the sharks. I really did enjoy the story though. It mirrored my life a lot. I truly related to some of the situations. I couldn’t get enough of Preston and Trey. They made the book perfect.

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