His First Lady by Avery Scott – Review by Jenni Bishop

His First LadyHis First Lady by Avery Scott
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

His First Lady by Avery Scott is a sweet romance contemporary story that is easy to read. The story is well written and a nice easy read but it also frustrated me and I wanted to shake some of the characters. The main characters were likeable but I felt the story and the characters themselves were lacking. The premise for the story is great but I wanted more. More depth, more wonder, more intensity, just more. I did like the humour throughout which made it fun.

Michael Reese is a Presidential candidate and is happy with his life. He has been married twice & divorced and a bit of a lady’s man. When his overbearing campaign manager decides he needs to find a woman, a First Lady is when the fun begins.

Kendall Bailey is the new girl on the block, and his speech writer. She has worked for a few candidates before so she knows the drill but when she is propositioned for another position by the Presidential candidate she is blown away.

It is a nice and easy and fun read.

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