Flesh and Bone (Blood of Kaos Series Book #3) by Nesa Miller – Review by Angela Hayes

Flesh and Bone (Blood of Kaos Series, Book III)Flesh and Bone by Nesa Miller
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Flesh and Bone is the third book in the Blood of Kaos Series by Nesa Miller. The book/series is a wonderful fantasy with plenty of action, adventure, paranormal elements, drama, twists, mystery, hidden agendas, danger, pain, loss, torment, bonds, kinship, and romance. Ms. Miller definitely has a bold and dynamic style. Her clever and creative story drew me in and held my attention right through till the end. I was really impressed with the incredible world building, full of vivid detail that really brought everything to life. The characters were all fully developed and interesting individuals. There is a large cast of characters, but each one adds to the overall storyline. There is definitely more to some of the characters (and the story) than first meets the eye.
There were moments of heartache, as well as edge of my seat developments-twists & surprises- which left me guessing and wondering a lot of the time! Very cleverly done!
I have loved following this series- each book adding another layer to the overall storyline- building a bridging story that is truly captivating. I really recommend reading the other two books before starting this one, as they will give you all the backstory, character introductions, and other relevant details that will enhance you reading experience of this book.
OMG! That ending! I have to know what happens now! I hope there is another book!

Thank you, Ms. Miller!


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