Gamble on a Cowboy by Melissa Keir and D’Ann Lindun – Review by Emily Walsh

Gamble on a CowboyGamble on a Cowboy
By: Melissa Keir and D’Ann Lindun
My Rating: 5 of 5 stars

Gamble on a Cowboy Melissa Keir and D’Ann Lindun was engaging, sweet, steamy, heart string pulling read, that was down right fun as hell.

A short read, with two quick but well rounded stories was something to behold. Both authors managed to pack a lot into their respective stories and I wish they were longer. Both could have been easily a full size novel. Their talent shown through and I will be checking out their other works.

As for the stories, and since they are quick, anything would give away the magic. I will tell you that, the writing is smooth, top shelf, and full of heart and emotions. Especially that first read, man, how can such a short read squeeze my heart so? It had that perfect balance of sweet, heart melty, and fun. Add in two very well-rounded characters and you got an enjoyable read, that will have you wanting more. The second novella, was different enough while keeping with the theme, that you didn’t feel like you were reading the same story twice. That second read, has drama, hot steamy romance, and a bit of a mystery that keeps you on your toes. Like the first there are two very well-rounded interesting characters, that just leap off the pages.

Overall this book will have you hooked, laughing, emotional, all while needing a fan from those hot moments. So please take my super high recommendation and my stamp of approval that you will not be disappointed.

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-Review by @eawalsh

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