Home Is Where the Heart Is (The Wilder Sister Series Book 1-5) by Melissa Keir – Review by Jana Teppih

Home Is Where the Heart Is: The Wilder SistersHome Is Where the Heart Is: The Wilder Sisters by Melissa Keir
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Home Is Where the Heart Is by Melissa Keir gives us the stories of five Wilder Sisters! It is a great set of ALL the novellas in the series! I had read another novella by the writer so I hoped I knew what a treat she would be giving us AND I was correct! Each of the novellas takes you on an emotional journey and I loved how they remind us of the importance of family! It does not matter what you have done, why you have done it, who you are … your family will stand with you and love you and I know every one of us who reads the series wishes for a family like Wilders! Every one of the Wilder sister’s has their own struggle and the writer shares with us how they grow through them!
The stories are well written and this feeling-good that you feel after finishing them, you will carry it with you for a while! Believe in it! Enjoy it! Embrace it! Act upon it!

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