Home Is Where the Heart Is (The Wilder Sister Series Books 1-5) by Melissa Keir – Review by Heather Bahm

Home is Where the Heart is: The Wilder SistersHome is Where the Heart is: The Wilder Sisters by Melissa Keir
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Melissa Keir’s Home Is Where the Heart Is: The Wilder Sisters includes five wonderful stories; those are: Forever Love, Beach Desires, A Christmas Accident, Coming Home, and Holiday Homecoming. Each of these novella length stories features one of the Wilder sisters. The contemporary romances are well written, compassionate and compelling in their own ways. The bond between the sisters is firm and the chemistry with the individuals that fall into their lives was thought out and clearly portrayed. The suspense, intrigue, and elocution that is shared makes each of these stories solid in their own right. Melissa Keir shines as a writer in this genre and I have not read a book by her that I have not thoroughly enjoyed.

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