Immortal Desires Anthology by Melanie James, Lia Davis, A.K. Michaels, Madison Sevier, Heather Hildenbrand, Rebecca Rivard, Bella Roccaforte, Monica La Porta, Jennifer Theriot, Susan Griscom, D.J. Bryce – Review by Jenni Bishop

Immortal DesiresImmortal Desires by Melanie James
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Immortal Desires is a unique anthology that is full of steamy, fantasy, paranormal, supernatural, romance stories from nineteen very talented authors:

Conjuring Darkness (Darkness Series Book #1) by Melanie James Artemis’s Hunt (Sons of War Novella) by Lia Davis The Dragon and the Vampire (Supernatural Enforcement Bureau Series Book #1) by A.K Michaels His Dream Mate by Madison Sevier Alpha Undercover (Big Bad Wolf Security) by Heather Hildenbrand (Holly Eastman) Sea Dragon’s Hunger (A Fada Shapeshifter Story: Book #4.5) by Rebecca Rivard Luci by Bella Roccaforte The Fifth Moon’s Wolf (The Fifth Moon’s Tales Series Book #1) by Monica LaPorta Flirty Dancing (The Green Room Chronicles Book #3) by Jennifer Theriot (J.D Frettier) Wet Kisses: Pisces (The Sectorium Series Book #5) by Susan Griscom Spell Hell: An Undercover Witch (Witches Brew Series Book #1) by N.L Hoffmann Zane (Flames of Vampire Passion Series Book #1) by Elaine Barris For Haven’s Sake by Nicole Garcia Vengeance Marked (The Alyx Rayer Chronicles Book #1) by S.J Pierce Demons by C.J Hartnett On The Run (A Sinister Elixir Novella) by Casey Hagen Alpha at Home (Brothers of the Heart Series Book #1) by D.J Bryce The Dark Delta (Dark Brothers Trilogy Book #3) by Cora A. Murray Karma’s Vengeance by Christina Escue

It is a great way to be introduced to new authors and their original and unique storytelling. Each story has something to please all paranormal, supernatural and fantasy lovers which range from witches and vampires, dragons and shifters, gods and ghosts and everything in between.

One thing they all have in common is that their romances make the pages steam and sizzle, as we journey along with these hot and oh so sexy men and women. There are ups and downs, laughter and love and each story is as unique and intriguing a their writers and keep the pages turning.

This amazing collection has been put together for charity, so nineteen great reads and proceeds to a good cause, The American Cancer Society. Good work authors.

This is a collections of worlds where magic happens to make it a great read. If you love something paranormal, supernatural and sexy as hell then grab this anthology for a great cause

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