Immortal Desires Anthology by Various Authors – Review by Angela Hayes

Immortal DesiresImmortal Desires by Melanie James
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5 Stars

Immortal Desires is a spellbinding anthology from some brilliant authors. There are 19 stories that make up this wonderful collection, from nineteen incredibly talented authors. This is a charity anthology, so not only will you be getting some fantastic reading- but will be supporting charity in the process!
All the stories have a paranormal/supernatural theme- but each one is unique and original- and the variety is mind-boggling. From vampires to dragons, shifters to witches, and even ghosts. There is plenty of sizzle, laughs, emotion, sexy characters, intriguing stories…. and so much more.
I loved that there were stories in here from authors I know and love- such as Jennifer Theriot, Melanie James, Lia Davis, A.K Michaels, Nicole Garcia, Cora A. Murray, and Christina Escue… But there are a heap of stories by ‘new-to-me authors whose work I got to explore and enjoy- and now I have even more authors to add to my TBR. WIN-WIN!
If you are like me and love a walk on the paranormal side- then you will want to read this book! Trust me, you won’t be disappointed!
The Anthology contains:

Conjuring Darkness (Darkness Series Book #1)
By: Melanie James

Artemis’s Hunt (Sons of War Novella)
By: Lia Davis

The Dragon and the Vampire (Supernatural Enforcement Bureau Series Book #1)
By: A.K Michaels

His Dream Mate
By: Madison Sevier

Alpha Undercover (Big Bad Wolf Security)
By: Heather Hildenbrand (Holly Eastman)

Sea Dragon’s Hunger (A Fada Shapeshifter Story: Book #4.5)
By: Rebecca Rivard

By: Bella Roccaforte

The Fifth Moon’s Wolf (The Fifth Moon’s Tales Series Book #1)
BY: Monica LaPorta

Flirty Dancing (The Green Room Chronicles Book #3)
By: Jennifer Theriot (J.D Frettier)

Wet Kisses: Pisces (The Sectorium Series Book #5)
By: Susan Griscom

Spell Hell: An Undercover Witch (Witches Brew Series Book #1)
By: N.L Hoffmann

Zane (Flames of Vampire Passion Series Book #1)
By: Elaine Barris

For Haven’s Sake
By: Nicole Garcia

Vengeance Marked (The Alyx Rayer Chronicles Book #1)
By: S.J Pierce

By: C.J Hartnett

On The Run (A Sinister Elixir Novella)
By: Casey Hagen

Alpha at Home (Brothers of the Heart Series Book #1)
By: D.J Bryce

The Dark Delta (Dark Brothers Trilogy Book #3)
By: Cora A. Murray

Karma’s Vengeance
By: Christina Escue

Thank you to all the contributing authors!!!


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