Immortal Desires Anthology – Review by Jana Teppih

Immortal DesiresImmortal Desires by Melanie James
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Immortal Desires is a collection of Paranormal Romances written by various authors! There is something for EVERYONE! I love reading anthologies as they give you a glimpse into the universe that the writer has created and when you love in love with it then you have the rest of the books in the series to dive into!
I want to point out a few of my favourites – I absolutely love shifter stories so Alpha at Home by D.J. Bryce that is the opening to her Brothers of the Heart series and Alpha Undercover by Heather Hildebrand were the ones that I went after and if you are like me, you will get a total kick out of them and you will be reaching for the other stories in the series. And then I discovered For Heaven’s Sake by Nicole Garcia that took a bit of a different approach to werewolf shifters mixing with humans!
Spell Hell by N.L. Hoffmann was another one that anyone who loves a good story that involves witches, vampires and killings that need to be figured out! It is an enjoyable short read so you don’t have to wait too long to find out who when and why!
Vengeance Marked by S.J. Pierce was a short story that grabbed me from the first page, it gave me chills and I could not wait to get into finding out were the writer was going to take us and I tell you, that was one heck of a journey and it was not meant for the ones faint at heart!
Flirty Dancing by Jennifer Theriot writing as J.D. Frettier was another one that I still remember and knowing that it is part of a series means that there are couple of other books to pick up! I know she says you can read Flirty Dancing as a standalone but I have noticed over years that one really should start from the beginning as you will have the backstory then! It is amazing how such a short story runs a gamut of emotions ranging from sadness to love …

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