Linked: Can Empathy Save the United Terrestrial Democracy? By Gaia B Amman – Review by Laura Furuta

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My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Linked: Can Empathy Save the United Terrestrial Democracy?
By: Gaia B Amman
5 out of 5 stars

When I started reading this story, I found both the title and the description a bit mysterious. What I found is a science fiction book that is interesting and intriguing. I found myself not able to put it down once I began. I also started asking myself if I would make the same choices as the characters. It includes issues that are thought-provoking. It was enjoyable to read and I found myself glued to the pages until I had read the final one. I enjoyed reading about Naira. She is a character that is passionate about what she believes. I found that she is a complex character who has inner conflict. She is also stubborn. There are many other characters that you read about and interact with Naira. There is sarcasm as well as bantering back and forth between them. There were actions taken by some that made me angry and others that had me mystified. Many of the additional characters also have an inner conflict just as Naira does. The story also has times when there is romance. There is intense dialogue included. Don’t miss out on a wonderfully written story that I found entertaining. I would recommend reading it.

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