Irresistible Weddings (Irresistible Romance Book 4) Anthology – Review by Faith Jackson

IRRESISTIBLE WEDDINGS (Irresistible Romance Book 4)IRRESISTIBLE WEDDINGS by Tamara Ferguson
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In this book, we, the readers, will read eight books by 8 esteemed authors with different takes on love from different perspectives.
Tamara Ferguson, author of “Two Hearts’ Alliance,” in an arranged marriage of sorts, an unknown enemy seeks to destroy it. These two characters must prove their love to ween off the enemy if it’s a united front.
Natalie Ann’s “Eternal,” will have two people who’ve sworn off love to find their way back to the open arms of a love they never knew existed.
Suzanne Jenkins’. “Wedding At Firehouse Ranch” has a curvy girl showing a play boy how to settle down.
Cynthia Cooke’s, “All My Loving,” has Naomi with her guards up but she has to tear down her walls to have the courage to rekindle a love she’s never known.
Alicia Street’s, “Make Me Burn,” is by far one of the best as we meet Jinx who isn’t ready to settle down for love but she wants everything she can’t have. This is one of my favorites of the books in this collection.
Stephanie Queen’s, “Playing With the Bridesmaid,” these characters are on the opposite end of the age spectrum but they’re ready for love and where it takes them.
Mona Risk’s “Between Babies And Girlfriends,” follows a teenage suicidal mom who abandons twin babies when the doctor has to raise them but his girlfriend who is dying to get married won’t help him with the babies. This is another favorite as you want to wish the Dr. Brian Dutton nothing but happiness. You know his girlfriend isn’t right for him and you want someone to rescue him from himself as he’s going down the wrong road with this girlfriend of his.
Jen Talty’s, “The Right Groom” follows a runaway bride with a groom that won’t take no for an answer.
Patrice Wilton’s, “Wedding Knot,” an engaged couple has no trust but that trust is tested when two friends develop feelings for one another or will the engaged couple manage to make their way down the aisle OR will the bride choose her trusted friend to make her forever with? This is another favorite of mine.
Three of eight books I loved to read. Not that anything was wrong with the other five but my favorites are above in my summaries and I think you’ll discover your own favorites as you continue to read through this pack of stories.

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