The Slip Series Collection by Gwyn McNamee – Review by Tracy Wilkin

The Slip Series CollectionThe Slip Series Collection by Gwyn McNamee
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Slip series is a collection of three extremely hilarious stories by ultra talented author Gwyn McNamee. They comprise of Dickslip, Nipslip and Beaver Blunder. They are highly entertaining and some of the best written books I have ever read.


The title of this book was the first tick in the awesome box. The author was the second. I enjoyed this story with wild abandon. A guaranteed 5 star author, I knew this was going to keep me immersed and invested for hours.

Rafe is hilarious from the get go, and Andy a force to be reckoned with. Individually, these characters shined and delivered elements of humour, attraction, dramatics and edge. Together they sizzled. From one chapter to the next, there was always a lot going on. Crisis after crisis, Rafe and Andy handled everything thrown at them with wit, clumsy finesse, and passion.

I was totally enraptured by this latest incredible read by Gwyn McNamee. An assured top quality story that has a bit of everything. Readers will want to add this to their to be read list. A definite five star story.


Nipslip is book two in the Slip series by Gwyn McNamee. me just say how much I adore this author. These stories are short, sexy, very funny, slightly mysterious and hugely dramatic. These stories captivate and impress me infinately. Gwyn McNamee is such a talented author and one of my favourite.

The leading lady doesn’t have a lot of luck when a wardrobe mishap befalls her. Tate was a witness and was immediately inrigued by this stunning woman. The story just evolves beautifully, like slowly blooming flower. But tuere was nothing slow about the heat and intensity between these two. The story started out fast paced and rocketed to the finish way too soon. I would love to have kept reading this incredible story. 5 stars.

Beaver Blunder

Beaver Blunder is book three in the Scandalous Slipup series by Gwyn McNamee. It is yet another hilarious and sexy short story by an edgy author that is not afraid to change it up and create stories that are unforgettable. There are so many facets to these stories it is hard to put into words just how powerful and entertaining they are. Each character is one of a kind, and even though the storylines highlight some of the more embarrassing moments in these characters lives, each one is unique and offer a reader so much more than the standard rom com. I cannot get enough of these types of stories.

Madeline and Owen kept me awake and dreaming them when I slept. These characters will stay in my heart and mind always. 5 stars.

A must read series that is side splitting fun and will leave you with everlasting fond memories.

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