What She Lost and Found by M.L Garcia – Review by Robin Rankin

What She Lost And FoundWhat She Lost And Found by M.L. Garcia
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

What She Lost and Found by M.L Garcia was a story that was hard to read at times only due to the subject matter. Ms. Garcia did a good job writing about a horrible and traumatic subject. This is one of the things about the book that actually left me without words. There is just no way to describe the agony Daniela dealt with for those years.

Daniela, a Senior at The University of Texas at Austin (Hook’em) hasn’t really lived her life until now. She slowly comes out of her shell and acts like someone her age inspite of all of the pain from her past.

So much happened in this book, most of it was great but there are also some very sad, tragic moments too. I loved seeing Daniela discover who she is and to find her happily ever after.

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